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The Best of the Best for Your 3DS

Nintendo has always dominated the handhelf market with their wild innovations and unique take on making gaming a singularly unique experience from any of their competitors. With their 3DS handheld, you can take a front row seat to all the action in everything from timeless classics, to awesome new titles. However, handhelds have always fallen short in a few different ways from console gaming, mostly in the ease and comfort of play as well as how easy it is to damage, something you definitely don’t want when you think about how much you paid to get one in the first place. Luckily, there’s a whole host of fantastic options to make your 3DS gaming even safer and more comfortable than ever.

Since the most important part of your system is the screen, let’s start with what you can do to keep it safe! The first line of defense for your 3DS’ screen should always be a good screen protector. This keeps them safe from smudges and scratches, keeping you from having to replace your unit should the unthinkable happen. Top protective gaming accessory creator HORI has options for bot the original and the XL models of 3DS, ensuring your screen stays safe and clean no matter what may happen. If you;d rather stay away from 3rd party brands (despite HORI’s excellent reputation) then Nintendo also has their own officially licensed screen protector kit, complete with a microfiber cloth for prepping your screen for the protector as well as keeping it clean long after!

Now that you’ve protected the inside let’s talk about keeping the rest of your 3DS safe. There are lots of great options for keeping your 3DS out of harm’s way, the easiest of which being a shell casing or handheld armor. Some of the best protection out there for the 3DS comes from household family name NERF. The soft foam armor casing is comfortable and easy to grip while also remaining highly durable to protect your 3DS from scrapes, scratches, and even minor shocks or drops and with three great colors to choose from (yellow, blue, and green!) it’s easy to find one you like. If just a casing isn’t enough protection for you, there’s always the option of a full carrying case like this semi-hard case from Cyber Gadget, thick enough to keep your 3DS safe without being too bulky to keep in your pocket. Even better, for the true 3DS lover, is an official carrying case from POWER A with enough room for your handheld, its chargers plenty of games, and all the other accessories you need on the go!

So now that your 3DS is safe, how about making it more comfortable? One of the biggest complaints from 3DS players is soreness from holding it for so long, take the edge off with one of DreamGear’s ergonomic 3DS comfort grips. Easy to put on and remove, these grips make your 3DS feel more like a console controller and provide added protection without covering up any of the handheld’s ports. Another great option for both sizes of 3DS for comfort as well as enhanced gameplay is Nintendo’s Circle Pad Pro. This extra joystick provides a comfortable grip and all the utility of a right stick, giving you a much easier time with any games that have rotating or 3rd person cameras. If you find yourself unable to decide on which accessories will suit you best, why not have them all! DreamGear’s 20-in-1 set of accessory essentials contains everything you could possibly need for your favorite handheld system and then some!

If you really love your 3DS and want to be able to enjoy it more, more often, and keep it safe for longer, don’t hesitate to pick up some of these great accessories right away. When you’re enjoying your 3DS years from now, you’ll think back and thank yourself for saving you tons of trouble.

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